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The Winners Magazine

The Winners Magazine is no ordinary scroll-through. It’s pages are a combination of inspirational Winners stories, deep-dive feature pieces and exclusive articles so good, it will have you rationing your reads.

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The Blog

Maybe you are an entrepreneur looking to find your edge, or you’re a student looking to overcome constant burnout. Regardless of what you might be looking for, you are bound to walk away with some valuable and actionable information, whilst delighting over how refreshing the reading experience is.

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Macho's Letter

Macho’s List is my way of learning. Because you guys deserve the best I work hard to study up on whatever has caught my attention over the past week, and try to package what I’ve grasped from it in the most digestible manner so we can all be on the same page.

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A podcast inspired by the definition of the word "Innervate" - to supply (an organ or other body part) with nerves, Jay hopes you'll join him on some relaxing breaks that will supply you with a world view to maybe make your life just a little bit better.

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For The People

For The People is the place to get lost in the arts. Maybe you paint. Maybe you write. Maybe you do it all. Regardless of your craft, you are bound to walk away with a gem or two every time you come here. Expect short stories that you can briefly lose yourself in, and articles to broaden your perspectives on different topics floating around modern society. To stay up to date with all our developments, drop your email below and listen out for that notification bell.

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