A journey of finding the right path, monetizing your value and building a reputation

Do your palms not itch for the sturdiness of the pencil? Does your head not swell from a lack of release of ideas. Every person who has a constant urge to turn huge ideas and concepts that explain the complexities of life, and simultaneously making it better, are not only blessed with the gift of creation, but the honour to lead the world into light with it too.

This article outlines that natural progression that creatives undergo before they can bring to life their ideas, concepts, and visions.

Hurdle number 1: Finding your lane

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The discovery and growth of one's creative talent is like stumbling upon a diamond in the rough. Dull, unattractive and uninviting. Only you are likely to see the vague potential that lies within this gem, and assume the task of cutting it down and buffing it out. This may mean attending architecture school or investing in culinary training. Seeing what medium your hands take to. Discovering where your creations fit best. This section of the journey is a light jog at best. There is no where to rush to because, really, you barely have an idea of where you are going.

However, after a couple years of trying your hand and receiving guidance and mentorship from industry experts, you are likely to find your creative pace and artistic niche, the only two things necessary to take the next step in becoming a professional creative.

Hurdle number 2: Monetizing your creative expertise

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At this stage in your journey comes the need to negotiate compensation for your creative exploits. You hold a great deal of intellectual capital, and by no means should you undervalue the work you do. Keep in mind though, there is going to be little leeway to negotiate big paychecks during the earlier days of your career.

Why? Because there are only a handful of people who can vouch for your skills and abilities to deliver. The creative fields are not that different to the rest of the job market. People want references. People want to know that they can depend on you to come through given the time and money to be spent on you.

Although this will be a trying period for a significant amount of time in your career, how long it lasts depends on how well you can negotiate with the industry. People will come to you with ideas they themselves have not fully figured out, and if you can prove to them that you can both organise their thoughts appropriately, and make them a reality, the more likely it will be that you will get handsomely compensated for your efforts. The more often you can do this, the more freedom you will be blessed with to drive creative projects others place in your hands.

Hurdle number 3: Building your reputation

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Assuming you have managed to win the people’s trust through providing creative solutions to their unique problems, and getting paid well to do it, now comes time for you to begin forging your own path to creating products and services the world never knew it needed.

I trust that not all you earned was spent on luxury and fast living. Hopefully some savings were amased and you stacked enough money to invest in your own creative pursuits. To invest in your own Eiffel towers. To invest in your own urban design manual. It is key that you set aside resources to fund and create products and services that solve problems only you see and stressors only you can alleviate.

Why? Because that is how the world becomes an even better place than you have already made it. Sure you have proved your utility to everyone you have convinced to give you a shot, but throughout that period in your life you took many double-takes and noticed multiple issues you felt needed tending to, but never could. Well here is your chance. Your opportunity to make a dent in the world and beautify it even more.

At each stage of your journey, your craft will become better, and your creations will compound in value. Those who come after you will learn from your progression, and become inspired by the multitude of your creations. Those who stand beside you will thank you for your life changing efforts, and reward you appropriately for adding value to the world where no one else could.  

So take your time and approach your creative passions with patience, however stay focused and remain unwavered as the challenges life throws your way stand infornt of you.

September 1, 2022

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