Power is essential to anyone looking to make a difference in their own life, and even that of others. You just need to know what would make a difference for you.
Power. The ability/capacity to act in a particular way or do certain things, despite resistance from external factors. Power is obtrusive and often seen as coercive.

When it comes to growing a business, one thing we can learn from successful serial entrepreneurs is that the more power and resources you have, the easier it is to influence the development and trajectory of your business. A lot of businesses are built on blood, sweat, and tears. Late nights planning your social media strategy, weeks and months searching for possible employees and business partners. The process is nothing short of exhausting, luckily the struggle is not set in stone.

Sometimes all you are missing is some power, or at least just lacking in your awareness of it. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘work smarter, not harder’ - and it's true. The vast majority of us want to be successful, but we lack the integral Power Bases that make all the difference on our journey upwards. Sure you are a great designer, but if you lack a strong supporting network it’s going to be much harder to get people to see your clothing line than it would be for the next designer who’s friends with the local events promoter who organises quarterly fashion shows. That’s influence, leveraging what you have at your disposal to make your dreams a reality.

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Influence. The relationship between individuals/groups and the ability for one to bring about desired change in another. Influence is subtle, and plays on one’s suggestibility.

A strong network is just one of the many Power Bases. There are quite a few that you can use to influence how your life progresses

Types of Power

  • Legitimate power stems from internalised norms and values in society. People with legitimate power work up to positions which are mutually agreed to hold weight and have a bearing on present and future outcomes. Legitimate Power is associated with authority and subordination. Examples include politicians or CEOs. These individuals have power because they put in work to prove they are worthy of those thrones, and everyone else co-signs and listens to them because they know the effort that goes into attaining such a position.
  • Expert power is when a person has info/knowledge that others need, ultimately making them more valuable and worth following in the eyes of other people who place faith and trust in said expert. Take for instance an engineer or accountant. They can set the price of their services because they have something everyone else needs. They influence how negotiations proceed because they are indispensable.
  • Referent power is based on interpersonal attraction. People with Referent Power are often the ones masses of the population desire to emulate. They perform certain actions, live particular lifestyles and have certain accomplishments that many long for. Take for instance the likes of Dan Bilzerian or Priyanka Chopra. These individuals live lives many can only dream of, and in doing so gain the attention of many who aspire to copy at least one of their traits.
  • Network Power is based on an individual's access to valuable and influential groups of people. Individuals who are well connected don’t need to break a sweat to get into particular rooms or get opportunities to push their agenda. They merely look through their contact list to see who can help them achieve their goals the fastest.
  • Personal Power is given to people who demonstrate a high level of effort, are likeable, friendly and have a persuasive personality. Although determined by culture and circumstances, the way these individuals play up to the likes, desires and needs of the people around them are the same. They know which strings to pull and which buttons to press to get people to do what they want.

If you haven’t already noticed, power is relational. One person has it because another deems it so. We see the value in one person's business because it can change the trajectory of our own, and so we gravitate to those who have the means to help us upgrade our own positions in society.

We know it’s not enough to just tell you about Power, we need to show you how to get it too.

Study the greats

Source: Kenny Eliasion

You know where you are lacking. 

Maybe it’s your poor negotiating skills or inability to manage your employees. What you need to do is search for someone, anyone that you believe shines in the areas you don’t, and study them until you start seeing the same results in your life. The internet is overflowing with interviews, eBooks and videos from people we know are performing the way we wish we could. Watch them, learn from them.

Pick Up some Skills

Source: Christina

Want to run a great marketing firm? Learn the fundamentals of marketing. Want to double your nail business revenue? Learn how to get better at the craft. Our society rewards expertise. It rewards anyone who can add value to the lives of many. Take an online course, go to school and pick up on your trade, or just put in hours and hours of practice. If you want to see change in your life, you have to be willing and able to change the circumstances of someone else’s.

Mimicry- Be a copycat. Literally. You don’t always need to know why the successful do what they do, at least not in the beginning. Lebron James takes 7 ice baths a week, you go do the same. If Arianna Grande only drinks green tea before her concerts, you should do the same. The answers to the why may be in the results, and if that is where you want to see change then follow suit. You may end up reaching new heights from incorporating these successful behaviours, or it might make no difference, either way mimicking those above you is a better route to go down than trying to figure it out all on your own.

Shadowing-If you are lucky enough to get some time with the people you wish to emulate, a good way to learn from them without getting in the way of their schedules is to shadow their every movement. Through shadowing you get on the job experience of what it takes to fill their shoes and create the kind of life they live. You pick up on their habits, everyday tasks and even the kind of temperament it takes to successfully mould their kind of reality. 

Power is essential to anyone looking to make a difference in their own life, and even that of others. You don’t need to hold all the power bases at one time to influence your surroundings and life. You just need to know what would make a difference for you. It’s no point being an expert in an industry where product or service quality is similar across the board. You are better off maximising your Personal and Referent power to get more attention to your business. Learn what best influences your environment, and equip yourself with the necessary power to make the dream a reality.

August 16, 2022

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