Workplace red flags you need to keep an eye out for

Finding jobs that caters to our needs is pretty easy. Finding jobs that we enjoy and fill us with enthusiasm? Now that is the like looking for a needle in a haystack. There’s a minority of people who can confidently say they love what they do when it comes to their profession.

For most people their place of employment is simply where they trade a third of their day for money to pay for their livelihood. I’m all for covering your bases, but if your current place of employment is stifling your growth, taking more out of you than it’s pouring into you, or wasting your potential, then it might be time to start looking at your options.

Maybe you are unsure about whether to leave your job. Maybe you and your co-workers may have found coping mechanisms to offset the bore of filing paperwork all day. Or maybe you feel there aren’t any good jobs out there for you, and so you settle for what is presently at your disposal. 

Sorry to break it to you but those are just excuses to avoid dealing with the issue at hand. In case you are unaware of the red flags, here are 7 signs you might be ignoring. 

  1. You are doing the bare minimum.

It’s okay not to perform at your best all the time. Sometimes your personal life might be chaotic and you can’t give your all at work. Other times you may be sick and working just enough to pay the bills. But if you are doing the least amount just so you don’t get fired then you might have a bigger problem than you think. Doing the bare minimum shows you don’t really care, and who wants to be working a job they don’t care for? Especially when there are way better ones that could use your expertise?

  1. You are constantly complaining about your job.

Maybe your friends stopped inviting you to drinks after work? If you are wondering why, it might be because you are always going on about how much your job sucks. If all you do is talk about your annoying coworkers, the inhumane workload on your desk or how underappreciated you are, then chances are you need to change jobs to a place that does not make your blood boil.

  1. You dread going to work

We all hate getting up in the morning, but for most people it's because they are enjoying the warmth of their blankets, and not because they can’t stand the thought of clocking-in in a few hours. If the first thing you want to do the minute you step into your office is leave, that's your sign to leave and never come back.

  1. Your job is taking a toll on your health

There are only a handful of jobs that get a pass at having adverse effects on your wellbeing, and you usually know what you are getting into with those. However, if you are an insurance broker and your sick days are racking up out of the blue, it might be time to consider that those constant back-and-forth arguments with your co-workers and stressful deadlines are the cause of your debilitating health. Seek change now.

  1. You are overqualified

Sometimes you have to pick up a job just to get by, even though you have the credentials for something much better. Although you couldn’t do better back when you were initially on the job hunt, you can now that you have a steady stream of income to keep you afloat whilst you look for something better, so start sending out those resumes.

  1. Toxic work environment

Do office rumors spread like wildfire? Do your co-workers constantly throw micro-aggressions your way? Are racist comments constantly flying around? If your office has even a few toxic traits that you cannot stand, it’s not worth your while to live through it. Our environments influence who we are. The last thing you want is to pick up on their behaviours and become the thing you once despised. 

  1. No room for advancement

You might be giving your very best, but if your boss is always hiring outsiders to fill a position you are perfect for, you might have reached your limit in that office. Glass ceilings are a real thing. Sometimes it’s because of race, other times its gender. Sometimes it’s just your superiors not liking who you are as a person. Whichever the case, if you feel like you have come to the end of the road in that company, its time to start your next chapter at new one.

There are a plethora of reasons why it might be a great idea to quit your job, however, if for one reason you need that job to support yourself, stay in the country or keep you steady whilst your side hustle flourishes, then it is advisable you stick to it and don’t mess up the plan. 

Your job is more than a place to kill time or pick up a pay check. It’s meant to bring you fulfilment and promote the growth of your professional career. If yours isn’t doing that then it’s high time you scatter your seeds elsewhere because loads of companies out there would like to help them grow. 

August 26, 2022

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